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Yorkshire India Brands is designed to meet the latest requirements of current traveler. From tech-enabled spaces to inspired design, from affordable luxury to eco hotels, from value-driven essentials to pampered indulgence, promise you a stay that is delightful and memorable.

Each property celebrates the unique essence of its destination to give you a personalized experience with a thoughtfulness you'll find only in the best hotels in the town.

Our vision is to be the brand that guests love coming back to. We deliver this with a portfolio of service spectrums that resonate with superior standards in accommodation, cuisine, employee behavior, and facilities. Hotels are recognized for its spirit to serve and commitment to distinctiveness, which assures better guest satisfaction.

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Our Brands

yorkshre plaza

Yorkshire Plaza

Yorkshire Plaza Creating memorable moments, caters to both leisure and business travelers with ultra-modern guest rooms and adjustable meeting facilities, restaurants and bars. We pride ourselves on delivering comfort; ideal service and the chance to explore a destination like the locals do through one-of-a-kind dining experiences. Ideally located in the city center, with ease of access and approach for the mid segment travelers.

Yorkshire Castle

Yorkshire Castle You can stay in castle that have been visited by a king or queen, and have changed little for centuries. You can stay in castle close to a city, or castle that sits amongst tranquil mountains, deserts, forest or city. You can sleep in a hand-carved four-poster bed and enjoy dinner in a stone-walled restaurant.


Yorkshire Inn

Yorkshire INN is a fresh and energetic hotel brand offering friendly and inviting hospitality at a competitive price. We focus on what really matters to you: convenient beds, ultra clean rooms, service with a smile and a hassle-free experience. Stress-free stays in energetic and secure hotels

Yorkshire Residency

YORKSHIRE RESIDENCY Leisurely designed accommodations like Resorts, Villas, and Club & Residency which make the essential for every stay. Positioned into service apartments amidst the industrial hubs or leisure resorts or villa or club at exotic locations.

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Celebrate your events in grandeur and style - at Yorkshire India Hotels. e it weddings, meetings, seminars or conferences, we offer the best-in-class facilities and personalised services to help you craft a successful event that would be etched in your memory forever!

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